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Modules are used to construct airships, landships and buildings. They consist of a number of square tiles, and are usually covered in armour for protection.

The following categories of modules currently exist:

HP of Modules[edit | edit source]

The Hitpoints (HP) of individual Modules is calculated with the following formula:

(Rounded up(<BaseHP> * (0.29999999999999993 + 0.8 * <adjacentBonus> / <maximumAdjacents>) + <bonusHPPerTile> * <Module Width> * <Module Height>) * <structuralStressHPMultiplier>

BaseHP: The HP displayed in the editor for the chosen module


maximumAdjacents: Module Width * Module Height


Module Width: How many tiles the module is wide

Module Height: How many tiles the module is high

structuralStressHPMultiplier: Each module uses a structural stress amount and the more there is present, the higher the penalty for the module health