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Heraldry is a system that allows players to use either random or custom coat-of-arms to identify their constructions in Airships: Conquer the Skies.

Charges[edit | edit source]

The charge used on the coat-of-arms determines the bonus provided.

  • Annulet - No bonus
  • Anvil - Steel armour absorbs 50% more damage
  • Crescent - ?
  • Crown - Conquered cities have no pacification period
  • Dragon - No bonus implemented yet
  • Eagle - All cannons are twice as accurate
  • Eye - Spy actions are 50% cheaper and 50% more likely to succeed
  • Guillotine - Revolting cities join your empire
  • Lion - 50% faster reload in boarding combat
  • Mountain - +30% lift from suspendium chambers
  • Rams head - Can build grand prow
  • Rat - Injured crew members move at full speed
  • Roundel - No bonus
  • Scales - +25% income from cities
  • Tower - +50% stone wall HP
  • Tree - 20% wooden armour and module HP
  • Waves - Fires put out twice as quickly
  • Wheel - Ships ready for commands twice as fast
  • Wrench - Repair 50% faster

Video[edit | edit source]